The Times Suggest Greece as Fall Top Destination

Astypalaia islets Hondro, Ligno and Diaporia, a Natura 2000 protected area. Credit: Lamprinos Wikimedia Commons
Astypalaia islets Hondro, Ligno and Diaporia, a Natura 2000 protected area. Credit: Lamprinos Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0

The Times suggest Greece as a great Fall destination, away from the established tourist hot spots and the high season crowds.

“From the shores of the mainland to the sandy beaches and coves of its myriad islands and islets, Greece boasts an endless number of beaches. Visitors who are ready to stray from established tourist spots have almost infinite options for unforgettable experiences,” the British newspaper feature says.

Starting with the picture of the blue-green waters of Mylopotas beach of Ios island, The Times  recommends Greek Fall destinations such as Chios for cool dips and Leipsoi for off-the-beaten-path adventure.

There is also Astypalaia with the pirates’ lairs, Crete with its “silver” beaches, Skopelos for seclusion, the enchanting Attica, Antiparos for family moments, Naxos for the island experience without the big crowds.

Or the dreamy Koufonisia and the verdant Skiathos. The list shows a strong Ionian preference with Ithaca, Kefalonia, Antipaxos, Lefkada and Zakynthos, with the writer sounding “ecstatic” about their exotic beaches.

The tribute to Greece concludes with worldly Mykonos that is more quiet in the Fall, Tinos for water sports, beautiful Alonissos, Messinia with “geometric beauty” coasts, fabulous Ios.

There is also the unique Elafonisos, charming Kea, impressive Epirus and Karpathos that delights with its rich colors and its geological formations. All the above are ideal Fall destinations in Greece.

Mayors Talk about Greece as Fall Destination

Mayors of less popular islands spoke to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency about the importance of Greece being a Fall destination.

Leipsoi Mayor, Fotis Maggos, said that “It is important that visitor traffic in Leipsoi went up from 2022 and also from 2019, proving that travelers are looking for authentic destinations that respect the environment.”

“Our initiatives for quality tourist services without arbitrary intervention in nature, which unfortunately we now find in many Greek islands, were duly appreciated by visitors from Greece and abroad,” he added.

“Ios showed a 7.4 percent increase in arrivals for the entire period from April to August 2023, compared to the previous year.

“This positive development also reflects the effort we are making to boost the fall visits,” Said President of Ios Municipal Council, Plutonas Koritsiadis, adding that the island offers incentives for activities, gastronomy, monument visits and culture.

“The quarter June – August 2023 concluded for Karpathos with a significant increase of 10.24 percent in air arrivals compared to 2022,” said Karpathos Tourism Deputy Mayor  Manolis Paragyios.

“Visitors from Italy, Greece, Austria, Holland, Scandinavia, Germany, Eastern Europe and Israel responded to our multifaceted call this year,” he added.,

“Astypalaia is going through another good season. Until the end of August, coastal arrivals broke the 2022 record, with 26,140 visitors,” said Astypalaia Mayor, Nikos Komineas.

“The increase in the number of travelers from Europe as well as distant countries such as America is a qualitative element that is in line with the modern message that we have been sending in recent years for a destination of authenticity, sustainability, gastronomy and culture,” he emphasized.

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