Super K: First Car Entirely Manufactured in Greece

Greek Car Keraboss
The first Greek-made car was approved and licensed. Credit: Keraboss

The first handbuilt passenger car to be entirely manufactured in Greece was presented to the public after receiving its license plates in a special event on Wednesday.

Made by Keraboss Cars Manufacturing, which is headed by Managing Director Stella Kerabos, the cars were the culmination of efforts starting in 2014 when Greece established the regulatory framework for approving the registration of the so-called Individual Vehicles of Special Construction (MOIK).

Keraboss “Super K” car is an island car

The company describes the Super K as an island car intended mainly for off-road destinations and sandy beaches. It says it could also be ideal for renting on the Greek islands and abroad.

It is built with materials such as the polyester body, and the galvanized chassis, that protect from sea salt and require little maintenance.

Its price starts at around 22,000 euros ($23,000), before VAT. As each Keraboss Super K is being built “by hand”, the company has the ability to build up to 75 cars each year.

Grecian Delight supports Greece

The company says that it does not intend to compete with regular mass-produced cars since it does not offer their comforts and facilities.

Greek Car Keraboss
The car is described as an “island car” ideal for off-the-road travel and sandy beaches. Credit: Keraboss

The Keraboss “Super K” is a new car concept and not just another car, the company says on its website.

“When you buy our car, you enter a completely different and exciting lifestyle, freedom, youthfulness, driving pleasure. It fulfills every buyer’s profile, offering alternative ways of satisfaction,” it adds.

Technical specifications

The Super K is offered in 2 and 4 seater versions and has the following technical specifications:

Length: 3200 mm

Width: 1450 mm

Wheelbase: 2150mm

Height: 1590 mm

Engine: 999cc

Automatic and serial gearbox

Horsepower: 72HP atmospheric, 84HP turbo

Final speed: 145km / h

Weight: 840kg

Tire Diameter: Front 195/50 R15 82V / 5JX15 – Rear 195/50 R15 82V / 6,5JX15

The first application for its manufacturing was submitted by Keraboss in 2016, asking for approval of a passenger vehicle in the M1 classification.

Related duties and fees were set by the Finance Ministry’s Customs Administration in 2021, and the first marketing licenses were issued in 2022.

Greece has resources and know-how for new car concepts

The event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure & Transport, responsible for transport Michalis Papadopoulos.

As the minister said, “We created the MOIK legislation in 2014 to help Greek vehicle manufacturers follow their creative vision and overcome the obstacle of supporting investments for mass production.”

“Today we are happy to present the first officially recognized and certified Greek car, the construction of which moreover involves an acclaimed representative of female entrepreneurship,” he said.

Greece, he added, “has the human resources and know-how to retain valuable mechanics and business owners in Greece, but to also attract young people from abroad, upgrading the institutional framework and quality of our services,” including the digital transformation of the ministry.

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