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April 18, 2019

Selfless Courage of Greek Policemen Save 14-Year-Old From Suicide

Greek policemen in the town of Volos, central Greece, were praised on Sunday for their self-sacrifice in saving a young girl from jumping to her death from a pedestrian bridge.

Police officers were called after a 14-year-old walked onto the bridge, threatening to jump off the structure. Despite their pleas, the girl jumped into the void from a height of eight meters.

But the officers had already formed a human shield with their bodies underneath her,  preventing the girl from hitting the pavement.

The pedestrian bridge in Volos

The girl, along with and several of the policemen, were immediately transported to a local hospital, where they were treated with minor injuries.

Speaking to the Athens News Agency, local police chief Vassilis Karaiskos hailed the quick thinking and selfless courage of the policemen in his force.

“Our fellow police officers today saved yet another human life, a young child. Once again, they acted to serve and protect the citizens,” Karaiskos said.

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