Prominent Greek Journalist Giorgos Tragas Dies after Battle with Covid

Giorgos Tragas
Giorgos Tragas died from the coronavirus on Tuesday. Credit: Facebook/Giorgos Tragas

Prominent Greek journalist Giorgos Tragas died of the Covid virus at an Athens hospital in the early hours of Tuesday. He was 72.

He was rushed to Sotiria Hospital with acute breathing problems on December 4. He was intubated but his condition deteriorated rapidly.

He had made it known that he was infected with the coronavirus by a post on social media. He had also said that he was suffering from underlying diseases that made him hesitant to be vaccinated.

Tragas’ long career in the media

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Tragas, had a long career in journalism. He was a reporter, TV presenter, radio producer, and media owner. He was one of the most charismatic TV personalities in the early 90’s when private television stations made their debut in Greece.

He was born on July 30, 1949, in the Metaxourgeio neighborhood of Athens. He started writing articles locally from an early age and worked for the magazine Ikones, while he continued to work on the sports pages of Mesimvrini covering football matches.

The main milestone in his career was the newspaper Vradyni, in which he worked for a number of years. He was also a police reporter before engaging in political reporting. Apart from being a journalist, he has also been the publisher of the publications Chora, Crash and Anexartisia.

Tragas has been a TV presenter for several shows throughout his career. He was also a political commentator appearing on prime-time TV. His combative style and controversial views had often brought him negative criticism from both the political world and the media.

Ιν February 2021 he announced the creation of a right-wing political party called “Free People”. The aims of the party, according to Tragas, were to ensure democracy, to fight against unemployment and the economic crisis that emerged from the quarantine due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Tragas had claimed that the party was patriotic and transcended the divisions of the political spectrum of Right and Left.

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