Miss World Serbia 2024 Finalists Dazzle Litochoro, Greece

beauty contest Litohoro Greece
The Miss World Serbia 2024 beauty contest finalists dazzle Litochoro, Greece. Credit: Greek Reporter

The Miss World Serbia 2024 finalists chose Greece for the final promotional campaign of the beauty contest. The young beautiful ladies enjoyed the Greek sun and posed for photos and videos at the foot of Mount Olympus in Litochoro, Greece.

The group was also accompanied by the president of the Miss World Serbia committee, Vesna De Vinca, a director, writer, journalist, and television producer. The Serbian delegation also included journalists, photographers, and a large staff of cameramen, stylists, and makeup artists.

Litochoro is a stunning town situated at the base of Mount Olympus, home of the Greek Gods. It is just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful shores of the Thermaic Gulf.

Tourists to the area like to stay in Litochoro since almost all climbing trails for Mount Olympus begin in the southwest part of the town.

One popular hike is between Prionia and Litochoro. It has a lot of river crossings, bridges, and pristine nature. There are other activities one can check out near the town, such as the Orlias Waterfalls.

These peaceful and cold waterfalls are the perfect place to cool down with the backdrop of the pine, cedar, and fir trees of the forests of Mount Olympus.

beauty contest Litohoro Greece
Miss Serbia contestants cool down at the Orlias Waterfalls in Greece. Credit: Greek Reporter

Luxury hotel in Greece hosts beauty contest finalists

The beautiful guests stayed at the ultra-luxurious Litochoro Olympus Resort, renowned for its authentic Greek hospitality.

Located especially close to the well-known and traditional village of the same name, the resort boasts accommodations ranging from deluxe rooms with sea views to VIP villas with private gardens and pools.

beauty contest Greece
The contestants of the beauty pageant enjoy the amenities of the Litochoro Olympus Resort. Credit: Greek Reporter

The hotel also features Elia, an award-winning restaurant serving the best of authetntic Greek cuisine, as well as the legendary Lemon Beach Bar on Lemon Beach where you can swim enjoying at the same time breathtaking views of the mythical Mount Olympus.

Watch the video with the Miss World Serbia 2024 finalists in Greece:

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