Marina Satti Stirs Controversy at Eurovision Yawning at Israel Contestant

Marina Satti Eurovision
Screenshot, ERT

Marina Satti Greece’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest caused controversy when she kept yawning and pretending to fall asleep as Eden Golan, the representative of Israel was speaking to the press.

Some accused her of disrespect whereas others claimed that she was making a political statement against the Israeli war in Gaza.

The Greek delegation in Eurovision tried to play down the incident. It said that Satti was simply tired of the busy schedule. She never intended to offend Eden Golan or the Israeli delegation in general.

“If you watched the full video instead of merely the part of Eden Golan’s statements, you would see that Marina Satti engaged with the panel of artists and the journalists in the same manner from start to finish of the press conference,” the Greek delegation said according to Eurovision.

“Throughout the press conference, Marina Satti yawned, not to disrespect the Israeli representative, whom she wished luck for in the final on Saturday, but rather as a result of the demanding schedule and lengthy rehearsals of the previous few days.” it added.

Controversy over Marina Satti erupts on social media

However, her stance during the press conference of the singers who qualified for Saturday’s Eurovision final divided social media users.

“Marina Satti is there to sing, representing the country. Acting like a 12-year-old and supposedly conveying a political message is comical at best,” a user said.

Another said that her reaction was “An embarrassment for Greece and for every decent Greek person.”

Other social media users applauded her behavior and congratulated her for making a stance against Israel because of the war in Gaza.

“Those who yawn in front of Israel’s fascism and the murders of children were upset Marina Satti yawned when the killers’ representative spoke,” one said.

Satti and Greece qualify for Eurovision final

Earlier Greece qualified for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest grand final on Saturday, May 11, after Marina Satti’s energetic performance of her song ‘Zari’.

Satti’s approach to her upcoming performance emphasizes a continuous take, with a music video that tells a compelling story. She aims to showcase Greek values through her presence on the Eurovision stage.

For Eurovision 2024, after a number of submissions were sent her way and after lots of consideration, she finally decided to take “Zari” to Malmo, Sweden.

The Eurovision song is a mixture of urban rhythms and ethnic sounds from Greece, as well as other parts of the globe, and it will mark the first time since 2018 that Greece will be represented by a song in Greek.

Earlier in the week, Cyprus also qualified for the finals. Greek Cypriot singer Silia Kapsis’ performed in the first semi-final round on Tuesday, earning enough votes for her song, ‘Liar’, to advance to the next stage of the competition.

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