‘Maestro in Blue’ Season 2 Premiers on Netflix This Thursday

Maestro in Blue season two trailer has been released.
Maestro in Blue second season consists of six episodes, while the series will conclude with a four-episode third season. Credit: C21 Media/Twitter

Season two of the acclaimed Greek television series Maestro in Blue is returning to Netflix on Thursday, May 16th. Unlike the first season, which initially debuted in Greece on Mega TV and was later picked up by Netflix for international distribution, the new season will premiere across the globe at the same time.

The series follows musician Orestis, who travels to Paxos, a small island in Greece during the pandemic to direct a music festival. There, he falls for an ambitious girl named Klelia and gets embroiled in the social problems of the local community.

The second season is going to follow up on the murder of Charalambos, committed by Klelia’s brother, Antonis. While Antonis’ mother will go to any extent to protect her son, Clelia will try to figure out why Orestis suddenly left her.

Meanwhile, the preparations for the music festival will continue, and Orestis might face more trouble as he is torn between his responsibility toward his wife and baby and his love for Klelia.

The second season consists of six episodes, while the series will conclude with a four-episode third season, expected to air in the fall of 2024 on Mega TV and Netflix.

Maestro in Blue had a fantastic first season Netflix

The series is helmed, created, and written by Christoforos Papakaliatis. The Greek drama show boasts a stacked cast with prominent and celebrated Greek stars like Christoforos Papakaliatis as Orestis, Klelia Andriolatou as Klelia, Orestis Chalkias as Antonis, and Marisha Triantafyllidou as Sophia, among others.

The first season debuted on Netflix on Friday, March 17, 2023. The television series has had a very strong reception with audiences and holds a 97 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.4 rating on IMDB.

Following the release of the first season on Netflix, it featured in the global top 10s for two weeks, picking up 20.56 million viewing hours. The show featured in the TV top 10s in 53 countries according to FlixPatrol, with the show doing best in countries like Greece (featured in the top 10s for 97 days), Cyprus (42 days), Malta (15 days), Israel (14 days), Serbia (13 days), Romania (12 days), and Turkey (12 days).

Further data from the Netflix Engagement Report covering January through June suggests the show was watched globally for 41.10 million viewing hours. Naturally, as the only show from Greece currently on Netflix, it remains the country’s most-watched Original title to date.

At the time of season one’s release, Papakaliatis said: ”I hold Maestro very close to my heart and I feel deeply honored and happy that this story will travel around the world through Netflix. I’m looking forward to this journey.”

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