Libra Chairman Meets with President of Panama; Announces Projects in the Country

Libra Panama
George Logothetis meets President Cortizo in Panama. Credit: Libra Group

George Logothetis, the Executive Charmain of the Libra Group, visited Panama last week where he announced a series of programs in the Latin American country.

Libra Group is an international business with assets and operations across more than 54 countries spanning six continents.

Logothetis met with the President of Panama Laurentino Cortizo to discuss Libra Group’s strong and growing relationship with Panama, and Libra’s presence including its subsidiaries FCA and Greenwood Energy, which recently announced a breakthrough partnership with the University of Panama.

“Libra Group is a company that supports our energy transition strategy, currently with two investment projects. The company has generated 1,000 jobs to deliver solar efficiency and cost-saving in the University of Panama and public offices,” President Cortizo said after the meeting.

Grecian Delight supports Greece

Libra strengthens Panama’s renewable energy infrastructure

During his trip to Panama Logothetis, born into a Greek shipping family, focused on the “three spheres” of Libra’s world, including philanthropy/social impact, business, and government.

Libra Group subsidiary Greenwood Energy (GWE) announced last June the launch of the Alma Mater public-private partnership with the University of Panama, the largest university in the country, for the development of a new utility-scale solar plant in David, Panama.

The project will allow the University of Panama to be the first public university entirely powered by renewable energy sources in Latin America.

This development will be paired with nearly $30 million in academic and technical support to advance and grow Panama’s renewable energy future. The funding includes scholarship grants, research and development programs, training, internships, and laboratory equipment.

“This partnership represents Libra Group’s commitment to reimaging development through our subsidiaries around the world,” commented  Logothetis, at the time adding that “This includes creating dynamic and scalable models that advance economic and educational opportunity for future leaders and laying the building blocks for purpose-led development.”

Once the agreement ends, ownership of the solar facility will be transferred to the University for the remainder of the plant’s life cycle.

Libra extends internship program for students in Panama

Logothetis also met with the University of Panama students for a Q&A on Libra Group, including the company’s internship program.

Libra Panama
Logothetis briefs students at the University of Panama on Libra. Credit: Linkedin/Clemente Yoel Rodríguez

A group of students had the opportunity to hear from him truly inspiring and motivating experiences on how to strive to achieve the goals that each one sets for themselves.

Logothetis invited the best five students to participate in either Concordia Americas or the Annual Concordia Summit. He also extended an invitation to a group of students or faculty members to visit Greece or New York to share what Libra’s energy subsidiaries are developing, share practices and import intellectual knowledge to Panama.

“Mr. Logothetis took advantage of the moment to talk about the 10 Social Responsibility programs carried out by The Libra Group, and the internship program for students where he invited all to apply,” teaching assistant Clemente Yoel Rodríguez said.

Logothetis had recently delivered a stirring speech at the Concordia Summit, which Libra launched in 2011 as a founding sponsor.

Speaking at the start of the Summit where the top movers and shakers of today’s world convened, he said that Concordia’s mission from the beginning was to bring diverse voices from all levels together to discuss the world’s most pressing challenges.

Logothetis said that Concordia is the place where students can meet Presidents and exchange views.

Providing support for unwed mothers

Logothetis also met with unwed mothers Voces Vitales runs Centro Las Claras, located in Felipillo which supports teenage moms by providing emotional support and skills training during an 18-month program.

He committed to providing clinician training in maternal mental health through the Seleni Institute, which is committed to providing psychotherapy for women, men, and families experiencing maternal mental health and family-building challenges.

Libra Group is predominately focused on six sectors, including aviation, energy, hospitality, real estate, shipping and diversified investments.

Along with Greenwood Energy, Libra Group subsidiaries, including Greenwood Sustainable Infrastructure ( in North America and Euro Energy (, will soon reach the one-gigawatt development mark in renewable energy, which includes solar, wind, and waste-to-energy in six countries.

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