Greek Police Officer Arrested in Turkey Released

greek police officer arrested turkey
A Greek police officer was arrested in Turkey. Credit: Greek Reporter

A Greek police officer and his partner who were arrested by Turkish security forces on Sunday near the border region of Evros were released on Monday according to the Greek Ministry of Civil Protection.

The pair, from the northeastern Greek region of Feres in Evros, was apparently detained for entering a military area in the region.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Civil Protection, the police officer and his partner were released on restrictive terms by the competent judicial authorities of the city of Edirne, Turkey.

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The only condition was that they stay in Turkey for 48 hours in order to complete the control of their mobile phones.

The officer had requested special permission to take the trip, which is standard procedure for all members of the law enforcement community.

The family of the police officer claims that the police officer was arrested for what Turkish police are claiming were “customs violations.”

It is still unclear where exactly in Turkey the Greek police officer and the woman accompanying him were arrested.

Israeli couple arrested in Turkey

In November, an Israeli couple was charged with espionage in Turkey for taking a picture of a historic site that until 1923 had served as the palace of the Turkish ruler. They were released after being detained for nearly a week.

The couple, Mordy Oknin and his wife Natali, were on vacation in Turkey when they snapped a photo of Dolmabahce Palace, which was the home of Turkey’s rulers until 1923.

The building was only recently ruled a no-go area for photography.

The Oknins, who are in their 40s and who own a taxi service in Israel, were detained and later arrested by Turkish authorities for taking the photo from the Çamlıca Tower, which is used for communications.

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