Greek-American Man Fatally Stabs Partner with Sword in Queens

Peter Ikonomou and Mindy Singer. Credit: Peter Ikonomou/Facebook

The NYPD announced on Thursday that Greek-American Peter Ikonomou fatally stabbed his partner with a sword.

The NYPD said that Ikonomou “stabbed his girlfriend to death with a sword and stuffed her in the closet of his apartment before calling cops to falsely report a robbery.”

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The police described the process of discovering the tragic scene in the Brentwood, Queens apartment, saying that the case came to light after Ikonomou’s mother had decided to visit her son because he had been unresponsive. She immediately discovered the situation and Ikonomou was incredibly unstable and appeared to be intoxicated.

But before Ikonomou’s mother even gained access to the apartment, reports said that Ikonomou immediately slammed the door on her and retreated back into the unit. When her and a friend who had accompanied her started to try to get into the space themselves, Ikonomou went on to his balcony and started screaming that he killed someone.

Ikonomou then got on the phone with 911, telling the dispatcher that “fake cops and locksmiths” were trying to gain access to his apartment. Oncethe police got to his apartment Ikonomou’smother explained to them that she suspected that her son and his girlfriend were in danger.

Police said that Ikonomou then appeared wielding a stick. He told the police that they could find his girlfriend “in the closet.” They immediately discovered the body of Mindy Singer, 35, with the murder weapon impaling her back. Police immediately suspected Ikonomou to be responsible.

Ikonomou had been arrested seven time before, for charges related to drug possession and driving while under the influence, but neither Ikonomou nor Singer had a recorded history of domestic violence with each other.

Neighbors describe frantic, distressing scene

Neighbors said to the Daily News that “Ikonomou moved in about a year ago.”

“He was handcuffed in the back of the car, no shirt on, just, like, some shorts and no shoes and … bang, bang, bang on the window,” an on-looker who lives close to the scene said to News, adding that “he kept kicking and kicking and kicking until he bust that window open. He was saying he was having a heart attack.”

Another one of Ikonomou’s neighbors described their feelings of grief, shock and disbelief to the News, saying that: “It’s scary, I feel sorry for the girl and her family. That’s crazy for him to do that. I would never think something like that would happen around here, and what would make you do something like that? Why would you kill her? It’s sad. It’s just sad. I don’t understand what goes through people’s heads.”

Singer’s friends came together on social media to remember the late 35-year-old, who they described as a passionate member of the city’s nightlife, organizing events and bringing music, DJs and entertainment to different settings.

“My heart is broken and my family and I will never recover from this nightmare,” wrote Singer’s aunt, Debra Levine, on Facebook.

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