Greece Hit by Brutal Storms, Rain, and 400 Lightning Strikes

Map of lightning strikes in Greece on Thursday.
Map of lightning strikes in Greece on Thursday. Credit:

Brutal storms and rain showers struck Greece today. There have been rains since this morning in several areas of the country with flooding rampant and lightning-caused fires bringing the fire department into alert.

Over 400 lightning strikes were recorded by the network of the National Observatory of Athens, primarily in the northern and eastern suburbs with Macedonia and areas of Central Greece also being affected, it has been reported.

Rain showers in Greece

At around 3pm in Attica, there was light rain in Porto Rafti, Pallini, Rafina, Koropi, and Spata. Before this, heavy showers had hit Dionysus, Agios Stefanos, and Spata. At 4pm, rain began to come down in Elefsina and Perama as well as Korydallos and Faliro.

The storms also affected areas of the Peloponnese in the afternoon with extreme flooding in Nemea, Isthmus, Argos, and Corinth. Showers also hit Avlida, Chalkida, Thebes, Neo Palamas, Fthiotidas, Amfikleia, and Tragana, while lighter rain fell in Amfissa, Paleochori, Parnassos and Tanagra. Elassona also experienced heavy rain.

Greece rattled by storms, rain and lightning strikes.
Greece rattled by storms, rain, and lightning strikes. Credit Nick-K. CC BY 2.0 flickr

Agios Stefanos saw the most rain, and according to, from the beginning of the storms to the afternoon hours of Thursday, the northern parts of the prefecture were the most affected.

The greatest amount of rainfall was recorded at the Agios Stefanos station, which got about 2 inches of rain. The real time weather situation in Attica can be seen at the Meteorological and Climate Observatory of Attica.

Lightning strikes

There have already been several lightning strikes in Attica, where the fire brigade has hastily arrived on the scene whenever one has been detected. At noon, 112 was activated in Attica.

During all the chaos, the fire service announced that “due to intense lightning activity in Dionysus, Anixis and Marathona, different fire outbreaks occurred in forest areas. Ground and air forces were mobilized.”

Meteorologist Giorgos Tsatrafillias posted on social media calling on citizens of Greece to be especially careful in the new few hours, stating that the brutal weather would continue into the night. “Don’t remain in open spaces today,” he wrote. “Try to have buildings around you if you are outside or in the car. The storm can be […far…] away from you…and you can still be struck by lightning.”

On top of this, a message was sent through 112 regarding severe weather in Thessaloniki, Pieria, Halkidiki, and Kavala. The storm saw the streets of Lamia suffer extreme floods even in the center of the city, and the fire department was called in to pump the water from the shops.

In a statement after an emergency meeting of the Greek Risk Assessment Committee, Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Minister Vasilis Kikilias on Wednesday said that people should prepare for dangerous weather conditions in Greece throughout the day on Thursday with severe rains and thunderstorms.

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