Environmental Protection Takes Center Stage at the Elafonisos Eco Week

Elafonisos Eco
The conference will discuss opportunities to promote environmental stewardship. Credit: Elafonisos Eco Week

Elafonisos Eco Week is an ecological symposium taking place for the 7th year in Elafonisos, between the 10th and 16th of June, set up by the ecological association Elafonisos Eco.

Located between the Peloponnese and Kythira, Elafonisos is a small island that is only approximately nineteen square kilometers, or seven square miles, in area. Its beautiful beaches attract as many as 3,000 visitors each day in the summer months.

The event aims to highlight the importance of ecological strategies while bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to discuss and introduce opportunities to promote environmental stewardship.

The main objective is fostering sustainability for our planet.

This symposium is an encounter for locals, authorities, academics, artists, entrepreneurs, and environmental enthusiasts, to share proposals to enhance environmental solutions for endangered ecosystems such as islands.

Elafonisos Eco Week
Staff and volunteers at the Elafonisos Eco Week. Credit: Elafonisos Eco Week

Topics to be discussed at Elafonisos Eco

Throughout the week, the event will focus on the implementation of ecological solutions and sustainability, while showcasing gastronomy, art, and local culture, through an environmental and sustainable lens.

There will be talks with over 30 expert speakers, various workshops and over 100 guests from 12 countries, all focused on the same sustainability goal. A summit of local mayors will also take place, where they will commit to supporting environmental conservation efforts and projects in the area.

Eco Week has the support of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, who attended in 2023. In attendance this year will be Dimitris Papastergiou, Minister of Digital Governance of Greece.

There are six key topics we will cover:

⁃ Waste and water management: Utilising recycling, proper disposal and other conservation methods, to reduce waste and ensure the efficient use of water.

⁃ Sustainable tourism: Responsible travel practices and conservation of local economies and cultures, to have minimal impact on the local environment and communities.

⁃ Lionfish: a significant threat to the Mediterranean and its ecosystem, lionfish is highly invasive and jeopardizes the otherwise thriving local fishing economy.

⁃ Blue opportunities: Through the sustainable use and conservation of marine and coastal resources, targeting various opportunities for the island’s economy.

⁃ Health and wellness: Promoting and supporting our local community’s physical and mental health with exercise, nutrition, mindfulness and stress management, workshops.

⁃ Plastic-free future: By aiming to eliminate single-use plastics from all parts of the life cycle, reducing environmental pollution and safeguarding our ecosystems.

Elafonisos Eco
Credit: Elafonisos Eco

About Elafonisos Eco

Established in 2013, Elafonisos Eco is an ecological association that focuses on environmental actions, the conservation of the natural environment, and social impact.

The main goal is to make Elafonisos an ecological and sustainable island, to preserve the unique natural environment (part of which is protected by UNESCO), while improving the quality of life for the locals, visitors and future generations.

Elafonisos Eco is the first ecological association on a Greek island, undertaking various actions. So far, with the help of volunteers, it has planted over 2000 trees on the island, added a freshwater kiosk to reduce the use of plastic bottles, organized beach clean-ups and set up eco-friendly symposiums, to name just a few.

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