Elderly Greek Couple Donate $100K to the Local Hospital

greek couple donation hospital
Sotiria and Panagiotis Arabatzis donated much of their savings to the local hospital. Credit: ERT

An elderly Greek couple in the northeastern town of Didymoteicho donated more than $100,000 to the local hospital in the most recent philanthropic gesture in the country.

Last week it emerged that an 83-year-old Greek woman has offered her life savings to buy an ambulance for Missolonghi, western Greece, under the condition that it will be used to serve the needs of the town’s hospital only.

Now it was the turn of Sotiria and Panagiotis Arabatzis from the village of Mani near Didymoteicho to demonstrate their love for their town.

Greek couple made savings for the donation to the local hospital

The elderly couple who emigrated to Germany in 1966 returned home a few years ago. Today Sotiria is close to 86 and her health is deteriorating as she spends several hours in bed. Panagiotis, 90, is taking care of her.

The couple say that the years spent in Germany were not easy. Panagiotis worked in the automobile industry and Sotiria in a chocolate factory.

All these years, one thought was swirling in Sotiria’s mind: To donate an ambulance to Didymoteicho Hospital, because, simply, she wanted to help. She made savings while living abroad.

As her health deteriorated she sent her husband to the local hospital to discuss how the donation would be made.

Officials at the hospital suggested that the donation could be used to buy a small bus, which will transport people with special needs to the Center for Physical Medicine Rehabilitation of nearby Orestiada, which administratively belongs to Didymoteicho.

greek couple donation hospital
“Donated by Sotiria Arabatzis.” The bus was bought for people with special needs. Credit: ERT

“Your spontaneous initiative to strengthen the Hospital with your donation is incredible,” the hospital states in its letter of thanks.

It announced that the money would be also used to buy modern medical equipment, computers, and air conditioners.

83-year-old Greek woman donates ambulance

Last week it emerged that an 83-year-old Greek woman had offered her life savings to buy her town an ambulance, after having been disappointed by delayed responses over the years whenever her late husband or herself had needed to be admitted to hospital.

Athena Papachristou, who is a retiree farmer, donated the new ambulance to the local branch of the Greek National Centre for Emergency Response in Missolonghi, western Greece, under the condition that it will be used to serve the needs of the town’s hospital only.

On a humoristic note, the elderly benefactress has also asked that the ambulance gives a little toot in greeting each time that it happens to pass from in front of her house.

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