Digital App for Travelers to Greece ‘mAIGreece’ Goes Live

Digital App for Travelers to Greece
 The app offers support in 31 languages and acts as a personalized travel assistant for travelers to Greece. Credit: Ministry of Tourism

The digital application “mAIGreece” has gone live and can be used by visitors traveling to and in Greece, it was announced on Monday.

“mAIGreece” works as a digital travel assistant and uses artificial intelligence technology for information, offering support in 31 languages to act as a personalized travel assistant for all visitors to Greece. The app accepts questions in writing or verbally and uses geo-location technology (GPS).

“mAiGreece” includes information on Greece’s attractions, museums, archaeological sites, blue flag beaches, hospitals and health centers, police stations, embassies and consulates of foreign countries, as well as content from

Users can download it for free on the cellphones or tablets through App Store or Play Store, connect to it through their personal accounts on Google, Apple, or Facebook, and create their own profile, selecting the activities that interest them (e.g. culture, nature, events).

During the app’s media presentation, Greek Tourism Minister Olga Kefalogianni emphasized that “mAiGreece” will enhance the sense of safety and hospitality, already prominent features of Greek tourism.

“Our aim is to leverage all available technological tools to guarantee each visitor enjoys a seamless and comprehensive experience during their trip to Greece,” Kefalogianni stated.

Digital App to help travelers during difficult” times in Greece

Greek Digital Governance Minister Dimitris Papastergiou highlighted that the app will be available to assist during “difficult times” such as wildfires or floods. It will feature a function linked to the 112 emergency service line, allowing users to send a message (SMS) to the operations center of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection with their geographical location.

“Aiming to enhance the experience for those visiting Greece, we have designed ‘mAiGreece’ to provide travelers with a personalized experience during their stay in our country,” Papastergiou stated.

Upon arrival in Greece, visitors will receive an SMS from their mobile phone provider informing them about the availability of the app. According to Papastergiou, travelers can also access the app before their arrival in Greece.

The “mAiGreece” project was implemented by OTE (Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation), Accenture, and UBITECH, with Microsoft providing the technology using Azure Open AI. The app ensures transparency, equality, and respect for user privacy and the protection of personal data (GDPR).

Financed by the Recovery and Resilience Fund, the creation of “mAiGreece” is part of the tourism ministry’s marketing strategy for 2024 that includes the digital transformation of the GNTO and tools for promoting Greece and its tourism products.

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