Covid-19: 32,694 Cases in Greece Tuesday

covid-19 greece
Credit: Greek Reporter

Greece announced that a total of 32,694 new Covid-19 cases had been diagnosed around the country on Tuesday, while 80 people suffering with the coronavirus had passed away over the past 24 hours.

There had been a total of 85 coronavirus-related deaths in Greece on Monday; Tuesday’s total represented a decrease of five. A total of 27,766 Covid-19 cases had been diagnosed on Monday in Greece.

The number of admissions of new coronavirus patients to Greek hospitals on Tuesday came to 497, showing a significant daily decrease of -7.28%. The average number of admissions over the last seven days was 576 patients.

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Meanwhile, there are 640 people on ventilators across Greece on Tuesday, showing a decrease of 14 from the day prior 654.

83.91% of intubated patients with Covid-19 in Greece are unvaccinated

Among intubated patients, officials state that 537 (83.91%) are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated, and 103 (16.09%) are fully vaccinated.

The number of tests performed around the country during the last 24 hours came to 583,206, and the positivity rate is 5.6%, down from yesterday’s rate of 21%.

A total of 63 Covid-19 cases were identified after checks at the country’s entrance gates and borders.

The total number of cases as of Tuesday comes to 1,568,215. Based on the confirmed cases of the last seven days, 624 are considered to be related to travel from abroad and 1,952 are related to an already known case.

A total of 21,559 Covid-19 related deaths have been recorded since the beginning of the pandemic. Almost all of the victims, 95.1%, suffered from underlying disease and / or were age 70 years and older.

On Tuesday, officials from the EODY stated that 80.5% of all intubated patients have an underlying disease and / or are age 70 years and older.

The median age of death in those who have the coronavirus in Greece is 78 years, showing no change from several days prior.

Fourth Covid-19 dose approved for immunocompromised in Greece

The Greek National Vaccination Committee voted to approve the use of a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine for those who are immunodeficient on Tuesday.

The Committee, which is made up of infectious-disease experts, advised those who are immunocompromised to receive the fourth dose three to six months after receiving the third.

The digital platform where those eligible can make appointments for the fourth dose is already ready.

The decision regarding providing the fourth dose to the general public has not yet been reached.

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