Coronavirus Deaths Spike in Greece

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The combination of the seasonal flu and Covid-19 could lead to more hospitalizations and deaths. Credit: Greek Reporter

Tragically, 63 people suffering from the coronavirus passed away in Greece over the past 24-hour period, a massive spike from the 25 people who had lost their lives with the virus in the country on Tuesday.

Greece recorded 3,651 total cases of the coronavirus across the country on Wednesday, just days after health officials warned of a coming fourth wave in the nation. A total of 4,165 cases had been recorded on Tuesday.

The average age of those who tested positive for the virus in Greece is 39, and the average age of those who have died with the virus is 78.

Grecian Delight supports Greece

A total of just 15 of Wednesday’s cases were identified during routine Covid-19 testing of tourists at the country’s borders.

Currently, there are 387 patients with the coronavirus on ventilators in Greece, which is seven more than the 380 people who were receiving the invasive treatment on Tuesday.

Flu and Covid-19 a deadly combination

According to research out of the UK, the combination of the flu and Covid-19 is 20% more deadly than having each illness by itself.

Maria Theodoridou, President of the National Vaccination Council of Greece, stressed that the danger posed by the combination of the flu and Covid-19 is worrisome in a speech she gave on Tuesday.

She also noted that “the amount of vaccinations, our behavior, and the weather will all define the morbidity rate in the coming period.”

Theodoridou stressed that Greeks should go out and get the flu shot if they have not already. Over one million doses of the shot have been distributed in Greece as of Tuesday.

The US Center for Disease Control advised people to get the flu vaccine and Covid-19 booster shot during the same visit.

The CDC had previously recommended that people wait 14 days between receiving different vaccines, but it has since revised their guidelines.

There is no negative interference when getting a Covid-19 booster shot at the same time as a flu shot, according to the CDC experts.

721 coronavirus cases in Attica, 602 in Thessaloniki

Of the 3,651 new coronavirus cases recorded in Greece in the past 24 hours, 721 were located in Attica, home to the Greek capital city of Athens.

In the city of Athens, a total of 214 cases of Covid-19 were identified Wednesday.

In Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece, 602 cases of the virus were identified on Wednesday.

Over 700,000 cases of Coronavirus recorded in Greece

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a total of 728,210 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in the country, including all those who have recovered from the virus.

Of the 387 patients intubated currently, 79.6% are over the age of 70 or suffer from preexisting conditions. Their average age is 66.

The majority of those who are on ventilators in Greece, or 86.05%, are unvaccinated against the coronavirus.

Additionally, a total of 3,299 patients have been discharged from ICUs around the country since the beginning of the pandemic.

The 63 new deaths recorded on Wednesday bring the total number of fatalities in the country to 15,770.

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