Athens Metro Stations Closed After Bomb Threat

metro athens bomb
A bomb threat was made for two stations of the Athens metro. Credit: Greek Reporter

All of the Athens Metro stations along two of the city’s busiest lines, the second and third, were closed on Tuesday afternoon after a bomb threat.

The second and third lines, commonly referred to as the red and blue lines, run from Anthoupoli to Ellinko, and from Nikaia to Doukissis Plakentias and the Airport, respectively.

Specifically, a caller reported that explosives had been placed in the Monastiraki and Syntagma metro stations, which are by far two of the busiest stations in the Greek capital, usually bustling with commuters and tourists.

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After the threats were made, all the passengers were evacuated from the two stations, and the lines that run through them were promptly halted; all those riding the trains were also evacuated on police orders.

Line one, which is referred to as the “green line,” is still running, but not through the Monastiraki station. Instead, it is running from Piraeus to Thisio, and from Omonia to Kifisia.

The threat, the veracity of which has not yet been confirmed, caused major upset to the commuters in Athens who rely on the city’s fast and efficient metro system daily. Countless people were left to walk or find taxis on a very rainy day.

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