Another Tourist Found Dead After Hike on Crete, Greece

Tourist dead hike Crete
Rescue teams were called in several times this June to search for missing tourists on Greek islands. File photo. Credit: Hellenic Rescue Team of Samos

A 67-year-old German tourist was found dead on Monday after embarking on a hike in a mountainous region of Crete, Greece.

He is the latest victim in a series of deaths and disappearances of foreign tourists on Greek islands.

His body was found in a ravine in the south of the White Mountains between Sougia and Agia Roumeli, in the prefecture of Chania, near the beach of Sendoni.

According to local site, the man left his hotel where he stayed with his wife on Sunday for a hike. In the early afternoon, he called her to ask for help as he said he was injured.

His wife informed the fire brigade and then – after consultation – the 67-year-old called the emergency number 112 so that the rescuers could locate him.

This was followed by the mobilization of rescue teams with the firefighters going to the area and looking for him throughout the night, but as it appeared, he had moved and did not remain at the place where his mobile phone had been located.

Finally, at dawn, he was found unconscious, in a ravine above Sendoni beach, and due to the challenging area, a helicopter was called to transport his body.

He is the second tourist found dead on Crete in 48 hours. A Dutch tourist was found dead on Saturday after his car was spotted on a cliff edge.

“There is a common pattern — they all went for a hike amid high temperatures,” police spokesman for the Southern Aegean Petros Vassilakis told Reuters.

Several tourists dead or missing after hike in Greece

Several tourists have already died in the extreme heat engulfing Greece over the last couple of weeks, including the British TV presenter Michael Mosley who went missing on the island of Symi in early June after embarking on a long walk, with his body found several days later.

The search to locate an American tourist who went missing on Greece’s island of Amorgos earlier this month is continuing for the 13th day. Albert Calibet, a 59-year-old man who is a retired Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy, went missing on the Greek island of Amorgos on June 11th.

Earlier in June another US holidaymaker who had gone missing on the Ionian island of Corfu was found dead in the water.

And a few days later a 74-year-old Dutchman who had been missing while hiking between the areas of Limnionas and Klima, on the southwest of Samos island was also found dead.

The incidents and ongoing search-and-rescue missions highlight just how dangerous this summer’s soaring temperatures can be to the human body. Scientists warn that extreme heat can reduce blood flow to the brain, impairing complex decision-making.

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