Acropolis of Athens to Have a New Gift Shop

new Acropolis gift shop
New Acropolis of Athens gift shop conceptual image. Credit: Cultural Resources Management and Development Organization

Construction has begun on the new Acropolis gift shop where visitors will have the opportunity to purchase souvenirs after visiting Greece’s most iconic ancient landmark.

The new gift shop will maintain “harmony with the landscape” and will integrate natural features like trees. The inclusion of glass panels will enable visitors to admire the surrounding area and nearby exhibits whilst they are busy shopping for souvenirs.

The construction of the new Acropolis gift shop is being overseen by Greece’s Cultural Resources Management and Development Organization (ODAP). Meanwhile, the design of the gift shop has been entrusted to the architecture, art, and scenography firm, Flux Office.

Construction of new Acropolis Gift shop underway

A pine tree will pass through the roof, providing shade as visitors explore the spacious interior with distinctive flooring and ceramic walls. They can choose souvenirs after enjoying the Acropolis. Young visitors will have their own dedicated space within the establishment.

A construction site was recently established near the pathway designed by renowned architect Dimitris Pikionis. This pathway leads to the ticket booths and the entrance of the Propylaea, the monumental gates to the Acropolis commissioned by Pericles.

“The central concept revolves around creating a lightweight structure that exists in harmony with the landscape, drawing inspiration from the surroundings. The cluster of trees in front of the gift shop served as a wellspring of inspiration,” explained Eva Manidaki, an architect and set designed from Flux Office working on the project.

The establishment will stand out with its integration of outdoor and semi-outdoor spaces, adding a unique purpose to the entire structure. Visitors will have the opportunity to sit and relax within the sheltered zinc-roofed area and amidst the surrounding trees. Inside, the walls of the space will be adorned with custom-made ceramic tiles exclusively designed for the gift shop.

“Ceramics will constitute a significant portion of the merchandise, and we sought to establish a connection between the space and these products. Moreover, the ceramic tiles boast a distinctive, handcrafted design, color, and texture, capturing the passage of time. In other words, they will age gracefully,” Manidaki commented.

Glass panels strategically positioned will allow exhibits to be visible from both inside and outside the gift shop, also serving as showcases when the establishment is closed. The floor of the gift shop will feature a unique element—compressed earth that has been carefully treated to enhance its integration with the ground and surrounding landscape.

With an expanded size of approximately 100 square meters, the new gift shop will offer a wider range of merchandise, including high-quality replicas and memorabilia, surpassing the existing Acropolis store.

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