Acropolis Museum Offers Free Entry To Celebrate International Museum Day

Acropolis Museum
The Acropolis Museum will partake in International Museums Day on Saturday by extending its opening hours. Credit: Amna

The Acropolis Museum in the Greek capital Athens will offer visitors free admission on Saturday, May 18 to celebrate International Museum Day.

The museum will also be open for extended hours on Saturday, between 09:00 and 20:00. The restaurant will be open for even longer until midnight.

The Acropolis Museum’s normal program of events will continue to run on Saturday, such as the popular “Saturday in the Museum with 20+1 masterpieces” gallery talk led by archaeologists who take guests on a vivid tour of some of the museum’s most stunning artifacts.

International Museum Day

Every year, a theme is selected for International Museum Day. This year’s theme is “Museums for Education and Research”. According to the official website of the International Council of Museums, this year’s theme “aims to underscore the significance of museums as dynamic educational institutions fostering learning, discovery, and cultural understanding.”

More broadly, the annual event “serves as a global platform to promote the role of museums in cultural exchange and development.”

Museums across the world will be holding various events to mark the occasion. These events can be found on an interactive map on the International Council of Museums’ website.

What to see at the Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum has one of the most impressive archaeological collections in the world and is sure to delight visitors with a passion for ancient Greek history.

The much-awarded museum is now home to more than three thousand exhibits from the ancient Athenian citadel known as the Acropolis.

Divided into three sections, the lowest level consists of columns that hold a glass floor from which one can look down on an archaeological excavation site of the ancient city of Athens.

The middle level of the museum houses galleries from Greece’s Archaic period to the Roman Empire.

The third level is a rectangular court that depicts the marble sculptures just as they would have been arranged approximately 2,500 years ago in the Parthenon.

Some highlights in the museum include a bust of Alexander the Great, the “Antenor Kore” statue, several ancient Greek friezes, and various statues of the gods, Greek heroes, and important historical figures.

For visitors keen to purchase keepsakes, there is a ground-floor gift store and a second-floor bookstore that showcases a diverse selection of gifts, souvenirs, and books inspired by the museum’s exhibits.

Additionally, visitors can find cast copies of significant artifacts from the museum’s collections, meticulously produced in the museum’s conservation lab according to precise specifications.

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