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August 12, 2020

Protesters Storm Chios Town Hall Over Plans for New Refugee and Migrant Camp

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Dozens of angry protesters stormed the town hall on the Greek island of Chios on Monday evening, during a scheduled meeting to decide on the government’s plan to establish a new refugee and migrant camp which would supposedly replace the already existing Reception and Identification Center of Viale.

According to reports from the local website politischios.gr, the angry townspeople threw bottles of water and cups of coffee at the policemen who were guarding the town hall, while others vandalized the building’s entranceway.

Greece’s Deputy Labor Minister Notis Mitarakis was present at the town hall and he intended to inform the local authorities about the government’s plans, but he was shouted down by the gathered demonstrators who strongly oppose the creation of the new refugee and migrant center.

Residents of the town of Vrontado disagree with residents of Campochori on Chios regarding the location where the new center could possibly be based.

Following a five-hour meeting, Chios’ town officials decided not to reject the government’s proposal; however, they insisted that the island could only accept a facility for up to 500 refugees and migrants — and no larger.

The island of Chios will participate in the general strike decided on by the regional governor of the North Aegean Islands, which will take place on January 22. The strike action was called in protest against the untenable refugee and migrant situation on the island.

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