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December 7, 2019

Turkey’s Erdogan Threatens to Release Jihadi Prisoners Over Cyprus Sanctions


Turkey’s President Erdogan on Tuesday warned Europe that Turkey could release jihadi prisoners and send them back to Europe in the event of the imposition of EU sanctions over Cyprus.

“You may take this lightly, but these doors [to Europe] will open and these Daesh [ISIS] members will be sent to you,” Erdogan declared threateningly.

The Turkish President stated that he would not give in to European Union demands to cease oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean Sea around the island nation of Cyprus.

“Do not dare give an ultimatum to Turkey about the developments on Cyprus,” he asserted.

European Union foreign ministers on Monday agreed on economic sanctions for Ankara for its repeated violations of Cyprus‘ maritime economic zone by drilling off the shores of the politically-divided island.

“Hey EU, know this: Turkey is not one of those countries you have come to know until now. We are a country that sits at the negotiating table with you…” Erdogan told the assembled reporters. “These negotiations may suddenly end.”

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