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December 7, 2019

Greek Police Clear Out Another Migrant Squat in Exarcheia, Athens

Credit: AMNA

Greek police initiated a new operation in downtown Athens’ Exarcheia neighborhood on Tuesday morning in their ongoing efforts to clear squatters from buildings there.

The operation began before 6 o’clock in the morning local time, with a number of police officers cordoning off a large area comprising approximately two city blocks.

The squat was in a building along Bouboulinas Street, and according to police sources quoted by Greek media, more than one hundred migrants had been living there illegally.

After the operation, the migrants will be transported to organized camps all across the country.

The same Exarcheia building was cleared out in another operation in April; however, it was reoccupied by anarchists and migrants just a few days later the police raid.

This is just the latest episode in a series of police raids to clear squatters out of the notorious Athens neighborhood, which has become known as a kind of anarchist ghetto for decades.

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