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July 23, 2019

Greek Riot Police Break Up Prison Melee

Greek riot police stormed Athens’ Korydallos prison on Tuesday evening to put a stop to the widespread brawling among inmates which erupted earlier in the day.

An Afghan detainee and a prison guard were injured in the clashes. Dozens of makeshift weapons, including knives and iron bars, were recovered.

According to sources, the trouble started after an argument between a Georgian inmate and two Afghans escalated, culminating in the Georgian using a makeshift knife, or shiv, to stab one of the other men in the leg.

When other detainees got wind of the dispute, Georgians in the prison’s B Wing surged toward the E Wing, which accommodates mostly Afghans. An attempt by a prison guard to intervene resulted in his being stabbed in the arm by one of the inmates.

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