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September 20, 2019

Greek and Cypriot Healthcare Systems Close to EU Average, Study Finds

The National Healthcare Systems of Greece (ESY) and Cyprus (GESY) are ranked 18th and 15th respectively out of the twenty-eight healthcare systems in the EU, according to a recent study conducted by the Organization ”Future Proofing Healthcare.”

Cyprus scored 54 percent and Greece 50 percent, while the EU’s average score was 55, in the organization’s index of overall sustainability.

The study calculated a wide range of aspects of each country’s National Healthcare System, including access to the system, health conditions in the nation, the quality of the services provided, the systems’ resilience, and more.

Greece recorded its highest score in the index of the Health Status of the population, at 74 percent, and earned its worst score in the “Innovation” index of innovation, with nineteen percent.

Cyprus had similar results, with some slight variations in the figures.

The countries with the best results in the EU were Sweden and Denmark, two nations with strong traditions of providing high-quality universal healthcare.

On the contrary, the nations of Bulgaria and Latvia were ranked 27th and 28th in the EU, coming in at the very bottom of the list.

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