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June 20, 2019

Burglars Steal €1 Million in Cinematic Heist in Metamorphosis

Greek police (file photo)

The headquarters of a company based in the Athens suburb of Metamorphosis was robbed during the early hours of Thursday, according to Greek media reports.

The sophisticated burglars managed to deactivate all the alarms that were placed in the building and they went straight to the floor where the financial department of the company was based.

The unknown individuals found the company’s safes, which were storing more than one million euros in cash, and took the money and ran free.

The Greek police have not made any public comment on the incident as of yet, but police sources told Greek media that they are now investigating CCTV footage of nearby buildings to try to identify the perpetrators of the burglary.

They also intend to interrogate all of the company’s employees.

The way the incident was carried out could mean that the burglars had inside knowledge, and knew the layout of the building well.

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