Mareva Grabowski points to government smear campaign to hurt spouse Mitsotakis


Mareva Grabowski, co-founder and Managing Partner at clothing line Zeus+Dione, accused on Monday the government and a journalist of masterminding a smear campaign against her to harm her spouse, main opposition New Democracy leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in a statement to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) on Monday.

The statement came after three gas canisters exploded outside her store in central Athens early on Monday morning, causing minor damages.

“From the day my spouse, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, was elected as leader of New Democracy, a systematic operation to destroy me has been unfolding at all levels. They want to hurt my husband so they attack me. The brains of this operation are located in the basements of Maximos Mansion [PM’s office]. Their implementing agents, led by [journalist] Kostas Vaxevanis, make up stories and unleash slanders and lies,” Grabowski said.

“They even justify terrorist actions. Everyone knows what this deep state wants to achieve against me, but it will not succeed. Neither I nor my husband will give in to fear. As much as they may misrepresent the truth, or sling mud, they will not break me. I will continue my work and my life, without flinching in the face of thuggery and terrorism. Our strength is in our resilience. They are cowards and will be defeated,” she added.

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