PM Tsipras: Our aim is the truth and only the truth”


SYRIZA’s parliamentary group convenes on Monday amid important political developments, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said.

“Responsibility, democratic consistency, constitutional loyalty, courage and political determination are now tested,” he added.

The government has the responsibility, he said, to stop the waste of state funds and shed light to corruption cases.

He also stressed the importance of respecting the law and the regulations now more than ever with sobriety, calmness and absolute commitment to the discovery and revelation of the truth.

“Our aim is the truth and only the truth,” he underlined.

According to the first estimates, the overpricing of drugs in the period 2000-2010 reaches 23 billion euros. “It is equivalent to one memorandum. More than 10 pct of GDP,” the prime minister said.

“If the 23 billion euros had remained in the public funds, we may have avoided the memorandum adventure after 2010,” he stated.

“The only institutional solution is the proposal for setting up a preliminary investigation committee to thoroughly examine the case file, check whether there are satisfactory indications of committing offenses and identify the relevant prosecution and judicial responsibilities,” the prime minister said.

“We are on the final stretch of the negotiations to exit the supervision in summer of 2018,” Tsipras underlined adding that the Greek economy has turned page.

As he said, “the conditions were never better for tapping the markets.”

“Nobody in Europe discusses any other possibility beyond the exit. Without a credit line, without unbearable conditions for the Greek people and the Greek economy,” he noted

Tsipras said that the government will negotiate in the coming months with two issues on the agenda:

-Firstly, the final agreement on the regulation of Greek debt

-Secondly, the Greek economy’s supervision regime after the Memorandum

The prime minister also referred to the supervision regime, the mechanisms of which would not differ from those agreed with the other countries that came out of a fiscal adjustment program

He noted that it will be based on the strategic development plan that the country will prepare and propose in the framework of the fourth programme review.

Referring to the negotiations on the FYROM name issue, Tsipras explained that Greece is not called “to give something given by previous government, but to take back.”

He explained that “the neighbours must be persuaded to stop using the term ‘Macedonia’ without designation, that will make clear that has nothing to do in historical or geographical terms with the Greek Macedonia. They must be persuaded to give back names and symbols that do not belong to them.”

Tsipras estimated that the negotiation will not be easy, but is the only way.

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