Digital Policy Min Pappas submits list of projects


Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Minister Nikos Pappas on Monday submitted a list of all the projects approved by the General Secretariat for Digital Policy by 6 March 2018, in response to a question tabled by New Democracy deputy Anna Asimakopoulou in parliament.

The table concerns the implementation of the actions related to the Strategic Research and Innovation for Smart Specialisation (RIS3), which, among others, are:

* Combating social insurance contribution avoidance and evasion, totalling 3.3 million euros.

* The single social security organisation’s IT system, with a budget of 9.0 million euros.

* Integrated IT support for the national primary health care (eHealth) network, with a budget of 2.6 million euros.

* Interconnection of public hospitals to the GRNET SA research and technology network, with a budget of 11 million euros.

* Development of systems and applications, digitisation services, provision of electronic services to support the immediate distribution of pensions, with a budget of 5.7 million euros.

* Creation of a land registry database, with a budget of 83.7 million euros.

* Network of the public sector – SYZEFXIS II, totalling 182.3 million euros.

The Minister also presented a table of all planned projects, which include:

* Central document exchange infrastructure between central government agencies with advanced digital signatures, with a budget of 22.4 million euros.

* Digital transformation of the agricultural sector, with a budget of 33.5 million euros.

* Digitising Greek football VARs, with a budget of 10.8 million euros.

* Barcode Information Tracking System, with a budget of 15.6 million euros.

* Digitalisation of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with automated submission of documents and balance sheets as well as digital signatures, 11.3 million euro budget.

By December 2016, the General Secretariat for Digital Policy implemented all the actions that the EU had set as conditions, in order to remove conditionality, and in particular:

a. Developed the existing National Digital Strategy Framework 2016-2021 (EWC).

b. Designing and implementing the new framework for horizontal planning and evaluation of ICT projects in the public sector, correcting the overlaps of the past.

The actions were endorsed by the EU at the end of December 2016 and led to the formal lifting of conditionality by the end of March 2017. Since then, the digital transformation of the country has been progressing intensively, creating a single and coherent framework of actions for digital growth and exploiting EU funds.

“The above-mentioned data confirm that the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media is making the most of the time lost during the New Democracy governance for the country’s accession to the European and world digital map. It is recalled that the recommendation of the General Secretariat for Digital Policy was a prerequisite for the lifting of the relative conditionality of the European Commission for the NSRF 2014-2020, imposed on the previous government and due to the poor management in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). All projects in this area had been suspended from funding from the 2014-2020 NSRF.”

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