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September 22, 2020

Greek Businessman Launches Unique Olive Leaf Tea on World Market

Photo courtesy of oliveleaf-tea.com

“Olive oil was always in our blood, in my family,” recalls Dimitrios Mihalopoulos, a Greek-Australian and founder of the company Olive Tea.

Mihalopoulos has spent his life around olive trees, and now he even manufactures olive leaf tea from olive trees that grow in Greece’s Kalamata area. “That region produces very high quality olive oil and, therefore, quality leaves, as well,” he explains to Greek Reporter.  

“My Dad kept a factory in Greece where we always produced olive oil. And I was always inspired by olive trees,” he recalls.

Mihalopoulos was also motivated by a unique dream to nearly singlehandedly create the olive leaf tea business. “I was inspired by a dream… and then I started. I put together a business plan and a marketing plan, and I looked for investors. And then I just hoped that someone would come along who would believe in this idea, and they did.

“And there were other investors behind this, who helped us to get to where it is today on the world market,” he says.

He began operating his company, Oliveleaf Tea, in 2016.

On the company website, a description of the tea notes, “Olive leaf tea is 100% natural and it contains more antioxidants and Vitamin C than green tea, something that makes it suitable for all members of the family. No alcohol, sugar, flavors, preservatives or colorings are added.”

Photo courtesy of oliveleaf-tea.com

“It has a very strong antioxidant properties that means there is a slight pepperish quality that makes it quite unique in taste. And it is a golden color. There is no color like this tea,”  Mihalopoulos says with pride. 

It is the only olive leaf tea within Greece to receive certification for sale from the authorities. “As far as we know, this is the first olive leaf tea that is fully legal and approved by the government, and fully tested in order to be fit for human consumption,” explains Mihalopoulos to Greek Reporter.

“I think there is going to be a shift in what people want in products, and I think this coronavirus will give us the chance to place this product in wellness centers, spa centers, hotels, airlines, health food shops and pharmacies,” the entrepreneur adds.

Mihalopoulos also reports that he has heard from individuals in Dubai, Singapore, China, Great Britain and the Maldives who are interested in his olive leaf tea, yet another unique product created from the olive groves of Greece.  

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